My practice is devoted exclusively to the vigorous and efficient resolution of lawsuits, either by trial or settlement. More than 90% of lawsuits are settled. But a good settlement cannot be achieved unless your opponent knows you're ready to go to trial if you have to. When I take a case, it means that I believe it has merit and I'm prepared to try it.

The cases that I take on normally require my undivided attention and client participation. From the time I begin working on a case, I use the necessary resources and do whatever work may be needed in the pursuit of a satisfactory resolution.

For more than 30 years, and in more than 100 trials and 75 appeals, I
have helped protect the interests of individuals and businesses. I handle
cases in a no-nonsense manner, and will work with you to
balance your goals with your legal needs.

I encourage you to read more about my approach and the
focus of my practice.


Lyle R. Mink
Los Angeles, California