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I’m a small business owner and was facing a formidable adversary. Having confidence that my attorney was in control of the situation was so important. Lyle didn’t mislead me by painting a rosy picture; he laid out exactly what our options were and made me take responsibility for the issue, providing as much information as I could. But others had told me that if Lyle agreed to represent me, it was because he had confidence that the case could be won.

Lyle helped me remain calm, focus on the issues, and not fall prey to misleading statements or questions. He negotiated this labyrinth we call a legal system, and never once dropped the ball. He’s a realist, with a lot of wisdom, cutting to the heart of the matter without the distractions and diversions that normally occur in law today. If you’re looking for someone to commiserate about your problem and just soothe you, that’s not him. Lyle’s not a nurse-maid, he’s a skilled surgeon.”

Dan Koffman
Koffman Gallery
Monterey, CA

Unlike with large law firms, you never get the sense with Lyle that you’re being handled by several different people on a ‘team’. More importantly, the judges all seem to be impressed by his courtroom presence and intelligent writing style. In court you never want the resolution of your issue to become secondary to your attorney’s understanding of the process. Lyle’s knowledge and professionalism immediately established the respect of the judge.”

Jeffrey M. Fryer, CPA CFO & Executive Vice President
Cosmi Corporation
Carson, CA

Lyle Mink has appeared before most of the judges in his jurisdiction, and knows what they expect and what to avoid doing. That gave us a distinct advantage. Even more important, he really understands the art of negotiation. We already had a winning hand, so he negotiated a settlement without going to court, and we still got our money.”

Frank Browning
Pacific Medical Services
Los Angeles, CA

The words ‘Lyle Mink’ mean integrity. When he appears before me I know he will be well prepared and straightforward. He says what he means, and means what he says. There are no secrets.”

Retired Judge Arbitrator in alternative dispute resolutions
Los Angeles, CA
(name withheld to protect confidentiality)

My previous lawyer was handling my divorce, and charging me nearly $30,000. But Lyle pointed out that I already had a marriage settlement in hand, so I didn’t need a divorce. He took it to the judge and told him he would like to try the marriage settlement instead of a divorce, saving me thousands of dollars and a lot of time. Lyle was brilliant, always ten steps ahead of everyone else. He set up the courtroom and took charge.

He made me feel good about working with a lawyer. There should be more lawyers like Lyle Mink.”

Jerome Ferguson
Venice, CA

I’ve been practicing litigation for 32 years. I’ve handled over 400 mediations, binding arbitrations and trials, and I’ve encountered hundreds of different lawyers. I have never seen a more tenacious or competent litigator than Lyle Mink, and I’ve used him myself.

Lyle offers unparalleled understanding and application of the law. Many times have I referred cases to him, including family members and other lawyers. When an attorney needs a lawyer, they call Lyle Mink.”

Don Karpel, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, CA

Lyle possesses world-class brain power, with an unparalleled work ethic and undying loyalty. He works so hard that some people think he is a firm of ten lawyers, not a sole practitioner. And Lyle cares, treating you as a person not a case. He will always return your calls.”

Neutral mediator
Los Angeles, CA
(name withheld to protect confidentiality)

For the past 30 years, whenever a client has needed a talented business attorney outside my field of tax litigation, I have always referred them to Lyle Mink without asking or expecting anything in return. I know my clients will not only benefit from his aggressive pursuit of their interests, but be charged a fair and reasonable fee. For three decades I’ve always received positive feedback.”

Murray Greiff, Esq.
Tax Litigator
Los Angeles, CA

I have known Lyle Mink for over 25 years, first as a strong adversary in litigation, then as an attorney to whom I recommended litigation clients when the problem required a determined and resourceful litigator. He is very effective with a jury. Lyle is on my short list of lawyers whom I recommend to handle unique and complex business litigation problems which are likely to go to trial rather than settle out of court.”

Tom Weiss, Esq.
Business Trial Lawyer
Los Angeles, CA

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